SBM News Update January 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, we had a great video shoot last July, but ran into technical difficulties that basically ground everything to a stop. However, it’s looking like that’s mostly behind us, and we can get the SBM machine back up and running.

I have a number of items on the list for this year. Currently we are looking for dancers and a choreographer for the “California Cowgirls” video. We will be having auditions by the end of January and will do the shoot by the end of February. We’re looking for sexy cowgirls of any and every ethnic persuasion, just no line dancing; think Hollywood, not Dollywood.

Additionally, I’m still looking for girls all around the state to either take pictures or shoot video of themselves singing “California Cowgirls” in front of their “Welcome to…” wherever home town signs. I’ll be giving away FREE swag for accepted submissions. (NOW HERE! Check out the newly updated t-shirts and panties on the swag page.) I am looking to include both the dance footage and these hometown shots in with our live band performances to make a real video for “California Cowgirls” to be released this spring.

Lyrics to "California Cowgirls"

Additionally, we have our first show of the year at the Whisky at the end of this month and we could really use your support. We’ll also be shooting video there, so we really need you in the crowd!

We also will be doing our best to mix the live show from July and have that CD & DVD available soon.

For this summer, besides looking for shows all across the state, I’m hoping to get into the studio to work on a Christmas CD. I’ve been assembling tunes and am really looking forward to having this CD in my repertoire. I’m planning on a nice big Christmas/New Year’s party and will keep you posted on the location.

So, there’s a lot in the works, and, hopefully, we can get it all done. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and appreciate all your support over the years.

All the best - Scotty

SBM News Update April 2012

Howdy Folks!

Well, the band has been out and about and we have posted a fun little bunch of live clips on YouTube from a recent show. These clips are basically a “demo” of what we plan to work on this summer which is a live DVD & CD I plan to call “All In!” It will basically be a greatest hits package.

I’ll send out a posting when we think we’ll be shooting so everyone can come out and be in the video.

In the meantime, we’re booking shows for the summer and fall and hope to see you soon. Check out the “Tour” link to see where we’ll be next.

Don’t forget, we’re also available for house parties, weddings, birthdays, etc. And if anyone’s got a line on some Vegas or San Diego gigs, let us know!

All the best - Scotty

Scotty Update January 2012

It’s been VERY piecemeal, but at long last, I have completed my “director’s cut” of the CD we had previously been selling at shows as the Barbed Wire Boys demo. Neither Tommy nor I ever felt that it was exactly what we wanted it to be. So, little by little, I have replaced solos, fixed vocal parts, remixed songs, and produced something that is quite a bit more representative of my original vision for the CD.

For those who live in L.A. and know us from Frosti, Heidi and Frank, when Paul Jacques decided he wanted leave the project but keep the Moonshine Mountain Boys name, Barbed Wire Boys was the band name on which Tommy and I agreed. Both Tommy and Dave Patt are on all the tracks on this revision of the BWB demo and were paid for all their performances whether live or in the studio. I am incredibly grateful to them both for their time, dedication, and hard work on both the CD and to the band.

However, with the exception of 1 cover tune [“Whole Lotta Rosie” (Young/Young/Scott) and 2 co-writes [“Tired” (McCoy/Jacques) and “Carolina Blue” (McCoy/Frye)], all of the songs on the disc are my compositions and there are a slew of contributing musicians and singers on the record. I paid everyone who played on the CD as well as for all the studio time, mixing and mastering sessions, artwork, etc. Since it was mainly Tommy’s idea, I never wanted to infringe on the Barbed Wire Boys name, so I’ve chosen to release this record under my name. Still, I felt the effort needed a sincere tip of the hat to both Tommy and Dave and is why I’ve entitled it Barbed Wired.

If you own the previous BWB demo CD, you may or may not enjoy this version. There are people who have the Moonshine Mountain Boys CD who prefer those song versions. However, as I have explained previously, although most of the songs are mine, Paul Jacques owns the MMB recording masters, so this new revision is finally the recorded version I had envisioned.

I hope you enjoy it. I decided quite a while back that I make my music for me. If others enjoy it, that’s awesome! If not, it’s still something I enjoy and produce passionately from the heart.

My new band has done an excellent job of learning all my original material (and rocks almost as hard as 1880!) and is hard at work learning some new covers tunes, so we can get out and see everyone in 2012.

I’ve had another wonderful summer but am ready to get out there and rock it up! I look forward to seeing you all soon!

(See the "NEW CD" page for a look at "Barbed Wired")

Scotty Update June 2011

Well, itís taken quite a bit longer than anticipated, but since Independence Day is just around the corner, it actually seems quite apropos that Iíve finally completed the RECLAMATION CD.  Itís not quite as rollicking as a Barbed Wire Boys show, but itís got a lot of my original vision of some old favorites like "(9/11) The Day I Learned to Sing the Blues", "Fallen", "Sixteen Tons", and "Guilt Train".  Plus it has a cool new country version of "Gold", not to mention brand new songs like "Tipsy", "Drinkin' My Way to an MBA", "Cowboy Hold On", and "Blame Me".  I also included the last song I recorded before I "found my voice".  I felt like it spoke to where I was both now and then.  Itís called "With You", and, in addition to the obvious reference to the people I love, it also speaks to my musical possession.  I am a singer/songwriter, and, next to my family, making music is what I love most.

So, Iím booking shows for the summer and hope to see you soon!

Also see the "Reclamation" Press Release (.pdf format)

Scotty Update November 2010

Well, howdy folks! Although I haven’t been out around town playing, I have been quite busy this summer.  I had a great visit with my older son Zack, spent a week in Italy and another in Croatia, and recorded 7 tunes (some old, some new)! One of them is called “Drinkin’ My Way to an MBA” which I wrote because, as some of you may know, I graduated from the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business Management last December.  Woo Hoo!!!

I am working on a book about the music business and have a good first draft for a movie script about my life.  Additionally, although the Barbed Wire Boys are not playing anymore, I am still planning to pursue my musical aspirations with as much vigor as ever.  In fact, I do plan to release a new album soon, but, in the meantime, CD Baby now has a digital single upload option which will allow me to make my new material available as I produce it.

I would like to sincerely thank all the musicians who have been a part of this journey including Kevin, Eric, Paul, Dino, Mike, Tommy, Dave, Stuart, Martin, Donny, Greg, Jinx, Kurt, Erica, Boo, Lisa, Joe, Syba, Scotty Lund, Taras, Chris, Jere, Shawn Nourse, Luke Halpin, Jimmy Z, our friends at radio Frosti, Heidi & Frank, Shawn Parr, Kirt Williams, as well as all the clubs; Ken, Kenny, Mark & Gordie at Cowboy Country, Mark, Paul & Sara from InCahoots, Mike & Bill from the Brandin’ Iron, all the folks at Saddle Sore, and, last but not least, all of the friends and fans who supported us over the last nine years!

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!  All the best and with the greatest sincerity of thanks for all your kindness,

Scotty “Boy” McCoy

Copyright © 2006 Scotty "Boy" McCoy, all rights reserved.